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Tidore promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
A dream inspired by many years of traveling and a longstanding passion for food.

Tidore Food

Tidore Food

Through food we align ourselves
with the rhythm of nature.

We offer healthy food made with in seasonal, fresh and local ingredients. We believe that food must be good for you but also for the planet; and above all delicious.

  • cold pressed juice
  • salads
  • soups
  • bowls
  • sandwiches
  • desserts

Food in Tidore is made using local ethical and pure products. Without refined sugar, additives or processed foods.

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Nutrition filled with vital energy


A simple mix that combines raw and cooked ingredients. Filled with 100% healthy and nutritious food that will make you feel energized


A selection of juices made by The Juicy Community. Carefully made by a team of nutritionists and experts using cold press technology to preserve the vital nutrients of its ingredients

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About me

About me


“I have built my whole way of life around Yoga, my passion initially started outside my working hours in the office and currently, I try to lead a holistic and balanced life in all areas.

I have an integrated radar for everything related to wellness, design and especially good food. In recent years, traveling the world, I have earned a reputation as a Yoga teacher and in 2018 I opened my own studio in Zarautz “Tidore Yoga Club”. I have also dedicated organized workshops, retreats and many different events related to wellness and healthy lifestyle”

“My love for food was born as I advanced in my yoga practice. Passionate about a more natural way of eating, I honestly believe that eating healthy and more natural foods as well as leading a healthy lifestyle has the power to deeply change our society.

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¿Why Tidore?

¿Why Tidore?

Tidore is an island located in the Moluccas archipelago, also known as the islands of spices. I got there sailing, in search of adventure, but before me, Juan Sebastian Elcano had already passed by circa 1521.


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Nafarroa Kalea 1T, 20800 Zarautz. T: 688 644

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